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1. September 6, 2023, 916 Swing goes to Maui, Hawaii. 916 Swing and

808 Swing hosts first annual week long swing retreat & workshop as a fundraiser for the victims of the Lahaina fires.

2. September 10, 2023, Johnny Lee and Lyn Malto decide to make The Aloha Open an annual event and possibly a WSDC Trial Event.

3. November 3, 2023, we submit application to WSDC along with the $50 application fee.

4. December 18, 2023, WSDC approves us for Trial Event in 2024. Later that day, we announce it to the world via social media (Facebook & Instagram)

5. December 27, 2024, The Aloha Open WCS website goes live!!

6. January 9, 2024, we announce the Venue, Lodging and Car Rental

information on Social Media.

7. February 27, 2024, First Tier tickets goes on sale and SELLS OUT in less than a week.

8. March 30, 2024, the official Aloha Open trailer launches prime time Saturday night right before the Champions Jack & Jill Spotlight finals at Easter Swing!!

(The Aloha Open is the official sponsor for the Champions Jack & Jill)

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